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Hi there!

Laura Soifer

I am Laura Soifer, I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have always been in the world of art and creativity. I studied performing arts and worked as a theater teacher until I left my country in 2016 to travel the world. In those times, I started studying digital design. I focused on Web and Logo design. Meanwhile, I explored the fabulous world of pattern design and I fell in love with it. So In 2020 I founded my own business. My brand was based in clothing and other textile accesories made with my print designs creations. Over time, I discovered that what I was really passionate about was helping other entrepreneurs to create their own brands. So I put together all my experience and knowledge and  I became a Brand designer.

I keep learning and developing new skills every day. I love to wake up, make my morning coffee, turn on the music and fly into the design world on my computer.
I would love to help you create your brand. I'll put all my heart on making a really unique and soulful brand for you and make your business grow.

Looking  forward to working together!

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