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Cremelove is a Passion Project. This project embodies the commitment to environmental consciousness, cruelty-free values, and a vibrant spirit.
Cremelove is a celebration of flavor, fun, and youthful enthusiasm. It represents a line of planet-friendly, cruelty-free treats designed to delight ice cream enthusiasts while honoring ethical living.
At its core, Cremelove symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of two loves – the love for ice cream and the love for animals . The brand's visual elements and messaging fuse these passions, creating an inviting and cheerful atmosphere for all.

This Project was selected to be featured in The Best Colorful Print Designs by DesignRush, a platform known for promoting best print designs.

cremelove branding icecream vegan cruelty free laura soifer design
Cremelove 1.png
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